College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology

Celebrating Golden Jubilee Year 2015-16


We are the branch of engineering dealing with the design of farm machinery, the location and planning of farm structures, farm drainage, soil management and erosion control, water supply and irrigation, rural electrification, and the processing of farm products in Odisha. We are CAET.
Alumni Meet 2014
Combine Harvester in Operation
Swach Bharat Aviyan at CAET
Cut Section of Tractor, giving full exposure to students.
Placement drive by Escorts Ltd at CAET
Better practical equipments for good learning experience.
Group Learning for better understanding of subject.
Advanced equipments to equip students with indepth knowledge.
Infrastructure and Laboratories for better practical experience.
Computer Labs for advanced knowledge gain from e-Resources
CAET Annual Function 2014 - Udaan

CAETians Workforce

Alumni Workforce

CAETians have thrived and succeded in all fields,whether its Govt organization or Corporate world,they have proved their worth. CAET has experiences of alumni working in various fields, some of them working in self-initiatied programmes established with local communities, others working with already existing organizations and networks.

Mandate 1:
To organize and conduct undergraduate & post graduate program in agricultural engineering leading to Bachelors ',Masters ' and Doctorate degrees,fulfilling their prescribed objectives.
Mandate 2:
To undertake basic and applied research in different aspects of agricultural engineering covering production,value addition,marketing and management.
Mandate 3:
To develop technologies suitable for the region in the field of farm power and agro-energy,farm machinery and equipment ,soil and water conservation engineering ,food and diary engineering and other related areas.
Mandate 4:
To organize short term training programs and vocational course in the specialized areas of agricultural engineering.
Mandate 5:
To organize programs related to transfer of technologies for agriculture and rural development in the region.
Mandate 6:
To collaborate with other agencies involved in teaching,research and developmental programs in the field of agricultural engineering,nationally and internationally.

Student Welfare Activities

Student Welfare

The Institute encourages extra-curricular activities outside the class room that enrich cultural, physical and social life of students in the campus. The facilities for outdoor games like cricket and indoor games like chess, carrom, table tennis, badminton, etc are also provided in the hostel.

Campus Life

Campus Life

CAET is a thriving residential campus and community sitting on 20 acres of land with all the facilities and amenities. Living at CAET brings surprises and new experiences every day, in an extraordinary community of creative and accomplished people from around the world.

Placement Committe

PLacement Committee

Placement Committee is there to provide overall supervision and direction to recruitment related engagements and activities taking place on campus. This committee consists of Chairman, Corporate Relations and Placement Committee and a group of faculty members who work in close coordination with the student representatives

About Bhubaneswar


The ancient city of Bhubaneswar is also known as the Temple City of eastern India. It is also known as Mandiramalini or the city of temples also as Ekamra Kshetra and Kalinga Nagari.

The word Bhubaneswar in its literal sense means the 'God's World' which showcases the walk down centuries of temple architecture.