Hobby Clubs

At college levels various hobby clubs are being organized as per facilities available provided the students take interest and generate resources. Photography, radio, model making, music and painting are a few of them.

Educational Tours

The educational tours give exposure to the students about the real scenario of engineering techniques in the field, as such these tours are part of the course curriculum and are assessed. The university contributes actual sleeper class concessional railway fare for the tour subject to maximum limit of Rs 1000/- per student. For other approved tours the university issues only journey concession order of the appropriate class.

If a student misses the tour on reasonable grounds he will be asked to take up 15 days additional training.
News Bulletin

The University publishes a news bulletin "CAET News" providing information of the activities and development taking place in the university and its constituent colleges, research stations and KVKs. The college is also publishing a college magazine "TECH-VIEW" regularly providing information of the students and staff activities and achievements and development taking place in different departments. An Editorial Board comprising of both students and staff invites various articles and edits them for publication.

Earn While You Learn

A limited number of needy students may be engaged for time bound short-term engagement in workshops, farms and at other places to do the allotted work. Such students shall be paid remuneration so as to help them while they learn, develop a sense of achievement and learn certain techniques through this activity.

Associations and Societies

In order to give a chance to the students to sharpen their mind and body, provision has been made to form association, societies and forums of the students in the departments and college. Through these forums seminars, talks, quiz, debates, essay competitions and cultural activities are organized.

The name of the association of the college is Agricultural Engineering Students Association (AESA). This association is constituted with the aims of promoting professional and social interests among its members and providing a forum for the professional activities and exchange of information.

The membership of AESA, shall comprise of
  1. All the enrolled students of CAET
  2. All the teachers of CAET as honorary members and
  3. Affiliated members such as members from institutions of learning, libraries, societies, research centre and private organizations.

The student members shall form the general body of the association. The Dean of the college is Patron of AESA. One or more staff members of the college are nominated by the Dean to act as Advisor(s) of the AESA.

There are professional societies in each discipline such as Electrical, Computer and Agricultural Engineering to promote the professional activities among the students. These societies work under the control of the Head of the Department or a person nominated by the Dean of the college.

Students are also encouraged to become the members of other professional bodies, such as the student chapter of the Institution of Engineers, Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers etc. The students are free to participate in various prize-winning competitions and contribute papers for publication in journals.

College Magazine, News Letters and Wall Papers

The college publishes annual college magazine "TECHVIEW" in which students and staff members are invited to contribute articles. The college magazine comprises of all highlights of all events being organized in a year including, sports activities, cultural activities, academic activities etc. Regularly newsletters printed or cyclostyled are also published. Students are also invited to prepare wall-charts and wall-news for display on the notice boards of the institution. These are basically the students' activities wherein they are asked to play a greater role.

The work of publication of college magazine, newsletter and wall papers is being supervised through a team of college staff and few student members constituted through Dean of the college. Executive Committee of Engineering Students Association or Dean will nominate the student members. The college magazine is published in both the languages i.e. Hindi and English.