• Publications: There are more than 12 issues of magazines and newsletters that are FREE to members, which keeps alumni and friends up-to-date on campus, alumni, and Alumni Association happenings..
  • Online Resources: Alumni Association members can re-connect with former friends, find old classmates, and network with more than 1300 CAET alumni through access to our online alumni directory.
  • Events: The Alumni Association sponsors events as varied as CAET alumni. From agri fests to seminars and conferences, from City Lights educational and cultural events to reunions, alumni have many opportunities to connect with each other and with CAET. Many events are free or many have reduced fees for Alumni Association members.
  • Services: Get job help, have a place to call home in Bhubaneswar, and explore some sound financial options.
  • CAET Pride: CAET is an engine for real-time accomplishment that enriches our community. A CAET Alumni Association membership keeps you connected to CAET as it shapes the future.

The process for becoming life member of the CAET Alumni Association is as follows

Step 1.
Just transfer 1000.00 to CAET Alumni Association Current account number 10173710010 at State Bank of India, OUAT Campus Branch, IFSC Code: SBIN0003341, MICR No. 751002013
Step 2.
Please send a SMS or mail your transaction ID, along with your batch details ,current position and correspondence address to Professor Rama Chandra Dash or Dr. Bharat Chandra Sahoo in the following address. The receipt will be dispatched to you.
Dr. Rama Chandra Dash
Dr. Bharat Chandra Sahoo