• Research and development of farm machinery for different agro-climatic regions of the country, feasibility testing and promotion of manufacturing through industrial extension and introduction and popularization of improved farm equipment.


Direct seeding of rice by tractor operated multi-crop seed cum fertilizer drill

  • Capacity : 0.4 ha/h
  • Labour requirement : 5 man-h/ha
  • Cost of operation : Rs. 1740/ha.

Power tiller operated multi-crop planter

  • Field capacity : 0.1 ha/h
  • Labour requirement: 15 man-h/ha
  • Cost of operation : Rs.2840/ha

Sowing of groundnut with tractor drawn multi-crop planter

  • Field capacity : 0.32 ha/h
  • Labour requirement: 6.25 man-h/ha
  • Cost of operation : Rs.2020/ha

Sowing of green gram with power tiller operated zero till drill

  • Field capacity : 0.11 ha/h
  • Labour requirement: 9.0 man-h/ha
  • Cost of operation : Rs.3200/ha

Dry land power weeder for vegetables

  • Field capacity : 0.08 ha/h
  • Labour requirement: 12.5 man-h/ha
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Tractor operated rotary weeder in sugarcane

  • Field capacity : 0.27 ha/h
  • Labour requirement: 4.0 man-h/ha
  • Cost of operation : Rs.2810/ha

Tractor operated groundnut digger shaker

  • Field capacity : 0.20 ha/h
  • Labour requirement: 15.0 man-h/ha
  • Cost of operation : Rs.3900/ha

Tractor operated groundnut thresher

  • Output : 5.5 q/h
  • Threshing efficiency : 98 %
  • Cost of operation : Rs.830/hq

Tractor operated maize dehusker cum sheller

  • Output : 20 q/h
  • Cleaning efficiency : 98 %
  • Cost of operation : Rs.36/ q

Technical Programme 2017-18

  1. Development and evaluation of a power tiller operated potato planter
  2. Feasibility testing of tractor operated sugarcane manager (ratoon management device).
  3. Feasibility testing of dry land power weeder in vegetable crops.
  4. Feasibility testing of tractor drawn zero till drill for sowing of green gram.
  5. FLD of tractor operated multi-crop thresher for threshing of pulses (green gram & black gram).
  6. Evaluation of self propelled pulse reaper for harvesting of green gram

Contact address

Officer in charge
AICRP on Farm Implements and Machinery
CAET, OUAT, Bhubaneswar-751003
Tel : 06742561425 (O), 9437184342 (M)


  • Application of ergonomical principles and anthropometric data for increasing productivity, reducing drudgery, minimizing accidents and occupational health problems of workers in agriculture and allied sectors.


  1. Develop safety devices, practices, and strategies to minimize farm accidents based on survey and analysis.
  2. Studies on human–machine–environment interactions to generate data for developing Ergonomical Design Guidelines.
  3. Integrating anthropometric and strength data and other ergonomical principles in design of agricultural tools and equipments
  4. Assessment of occupational health hazards and developing ergonomical interventions for their minimization.

Extension activities

Safety Cover over moving parts

Use of safety gadgets in coir industry

Demonstration of Three row rice transplanter

Training/ demonstration with farmers

Demonstration of pedal thresher with safetycover

Demonstration of winnower

Demonstration of Mandwa weeder

Demonstration of drum seeder

Technology & Machinery demonstration Mela

Demonstration of Maize sheller

Fixing of SMV symbol

Demonstration of Coconut tree Climber

TGroundnut decorticator

Coconut Dehusker

Technical Programme 2017-18

  1. Survey of Agricultural Accidents in Odisha
  2. Study of health hazards of workers in coir industry
  3. Introduction of improved agricultural implements and equipments for tribal farmers of Odisha.
  4. Development of database on impact of mechanization in rice cultivation.


  • Improvement of utilization efficiency and economic viability of draught animals by developing mechanically efficient matching equipment and gadgets to increase versatility of their use as source of farm power with improved system efficiency.
  • Improved management of draught animals with value added feed, sanitation & health control measures and efficient utilization of animal by-products.



  • Length of OUAT yoke: 1550 mm (5'2")
  • Weight per piece ranges from 5-6 kg
  • Cost per piece 900-1000/- during the year 2010-11.

OUAT Mould Board Plough

  • Suitable for small size bullocks of Odisha
  • Working width: 100 mm
  • Weight: 4.8 kg (without beam)
  • Draft requirement: 40-48 kg
  • Cost of implement: 445.00

OUAT Iron Plough

  • Suitable for secondary tillage
  • Working width: 300 mm
  • Weight: 9.8 kg (without beam)
  • Draft requirement: 45-50 kg
  • Cost of implement: 1000.00

OUAT Puddler

  • Suitable for small and medium size bullocks of odisha
  • Working width: 760 mm
  • Weight: 41 kg
  • Draft requirement: 50-55 kg
  • Cost of implement: 4000.00

Paddy thresher operated by Bullock Driven Rotary Unit

  • Multi crop thresher of 800 mm working width
  • Output of thresher for paddy: 140 kg/h
  • Rs. Cost of threshing in rotary mode: 32.00 /quintal

Steel Bullock Cart

  • Max. pay load on tar road: 2300 kg
  • Max. pay load on kutchha road: 2200 kg
  • Weight: 280 kg
  • Cost:: 17,000.00

Bullock drawn pre-germinated drum seeder

  • Suitable for line sowing of pre-germinated
  • paddy seeds in puudled field condition
  • Output: 2.5hrs/acre
  • Saving in labour: 20 mandays/acre
  • Hill to hill spacing : 15 cm
  • Cost of the Implement 13,500.00

Research Projects during 2015-16

  1. Development and evaluation of bullock drawn Rotavator.
  2. Formulation of a feeding package of bullocks of tribal areas of Odisha with locally available feed ingredients.
  3. Front Line Demonstration of improved animal drawn implements.
  4. Adoptive trial of CIAE three row seed drill and CIAE three row inclined plate planter in farmer's field.
  5. Feasibility testing of Pant-ICAR animal drawn six-in-one tillage outfit and pneumatic wheel steel bullock cart of 1.0 ton capacity.
  6. Draught animal power (DAP) status and DAP based equipment in Odisha.
  7. Standardization and promotion of efficient rotary transmission system with matching gadgets (wet grinder) for post harvest operations. (Wet grinder, mahua seed decorticator, turmeric polisher)
  8. Development of a Technology Resource Centre to promote improved animal drawn implements and rotary transmission system for sustainable livelihood of resource poor farmers of tribal areas of Odisha.