Agriculture is the mainstay of Indian economy. More than 70% of population is engaged in agriculture sector. Country has vast resources of land, manpower and other required sources.Agriculture and related fields include farming, dairy and poultry science, horticulture, raising livestock and agro based industries. Due to improvement in technology, agriculture industries are expanding and are expected to provide better option.

CAET has a rich diversity of Alumni working in various fields. CAET has the culture of excellence which has been proved by its Alumni in variuos fields. Some of the eminent fields and alumni working in those fields has been outlined below.

Different agricultural universities recruit agricultural postgraduates for different post from concerned field of specialisation. Following are some of the positions which are generally advertised by agricultural universities- Plant Pathologist, Plant Pathologist , Breeder , Agro-meteorologist, Economic Botanist., Research Engineer, Agronomist, Scientist, Associate Professor.

Other posts are Assistant Scientists, Assistant Professors , District Extension Specialists, Assistant Plant Pathologist , Assistant Bacteriologist, Assistant Botanist, Assistant Soil Chemist, Junior Pedologist, Assistant Economic Botanist, Assistant Fruit Breeder, Assistant Seed Research Officer, Assistant Seed Research Officer, Junior Entomologist, Assistant Breeder, Junior Breeder , Junior Agronomist, Assistant Vegetable Botanist , Seed Production Assistant, Assistant Research Scientist, Assistant Plant Physiologist.

Qualification for all above posts is Doctor Degree/ master degree in concerned disciple. However for some posts experience in concerned field is required and for Assistant professor and other teaching post, candidate should be NET qualified (conducted by UGC/ CSIR/ICAR/Other). For senior level post Ph.D in concerned field is compulsory requirement

One can choose career under ICAR in the areas of research; one can become an Agricultural Research Scientists (ARS). The recruitment to these posts is made through ARS/ NET examination is conducted for Scientist post and lectureship. Presently first time ASRB has change the ARS/NET exam criteria. Now ASRB will conduct ARS/NET (Preliminary and Main) examination. Only those candidates who qualify the preliminary examination will be called for Main examination. Candidate for ARS interview will be selected on the basis of performance in main examination.

Also ICAR has better option for agricultural graduates, postgraduates and for doctorate degree holders. Bachelor degree holder can apply for some technical post in concerned discipline. Also some technical post of level of T-5 (Technical Officer) is better option for postgraduate and above the Technical(T-5) post like T-6 etc and subject matter specialist in Krishi Vigyan Kendras are better opportunities for Ph.D degree holders.

One can become an Agriculture Development Officers (ADO). The post is equivalent to that of the Block Development Officers (BDO). Recruitment to these posts is made on the basis of an examination conducted by public service commission/concerned department.

You can also apply for the post of a Research Scientist in organisations in the private sector. There, your services may also be utilised in the laboratories in private labs. The desired qualification required for this purpose is of doctoral level i.e. a Ph.D.

After doing your B.Sc. you are eligible to apply for jobs offered by banks, finance sector seed companies, breeding farms, poultry farms and insurance companies etc. Reserve Bank of India, State Bank of India and the nationalised banks offer openings for postgraduates in agriculture and allied areas as Field Officers, Rural Development Officers and Agricultural and Probationary Officers.

Another job opportunity is to join seed companies as Seed Officer, Scientist (Breeding, plant protection etc.), and technical and other field jobs. Besides these, job opportunities also exist in the areas of farm management, land appraisal, grading, packaging and labelling. Both in the public and private sectors jobs are also offered in the field of marketing and sales, transportation, farm utilities, storage and warehousing etc.

Another opportunity is to join embassies as Agricultural Specialist and other post. Also ICRISAT is an organisation for research related job of agriculture field.

Agro - industry provides jobs to scientists, engineers, technologists, sales and marketing people, besides the production people. These areas of work relate to production, food processing, grain and seed processing, meat and poultry packing, dairy processing, fats and oils, textiles, fibres, machinery and equipment, fertiliser and lime, pesticides, herbicide, feed manufacturing, constructions, etc. for which people with adequate knowledge, in the respective fields are required.

Job opportunities also exist in this relatively new areas. Agriculture related Job opportunities7 are also available in estates and tea gardens.

In order to regulate the functions of adequate and timely supply of seeds, chemicals, fertilizers, etc. at genuine price, as also to regulate quality of the food products supplied for consumption by people, there is requirement for people to inspect, grade, quality control chemicals, plants and animal quarantine, agricultural technicians, agricultural consultants, agricultural statisticians, veterinarians, foreign agricultural service, inspection and regulation, food and feed, seed and fertiliser.

There are several Government agencies at centre, state and district levels, which appoint of agricultural employees. In addition, at the international level the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nation and some other agencies related to the development of agriculture also appoints consultants.

Various corporations providing job opportunities to agriculturists include National Seed Corporation, Civil Supply Corporations, State Farm Corporation, Warehousing Corporation and Food Corporation.

Various NGOs like PRADAN,SRIJAN etc.

Agribusiness is a big, business. People with a business background are needed and employed as: marketing and merchandising specialists; sales representatives; agricultural economists; accountants; finance managers, and; commodity traders, just to name a few. And that's still not all. Other career possibilities exist in the areas of communications & education, social services, and agricultural production. And, even though food production often takes center stage, textiles and fibers also makeup a large portion of the agricultural industry.