Ragging is a social evil and we must curb it at any cost. It is also a menace that has plagued our educational system for decades and it has not been eradicated completely despite best efforts. The root cause of this menace is ignorance amongst students-about the disastrous effects that extreme levels of ragging can have on a student's psyche, career and very life. Innumerable students have lost their lives to it. Many have crippled for life. In this context, I would place the statistics that are shocking- 20 suicides and 15 deaths are reported every year with ragging as the root cause. There is nothing funny about it.

Therefore, it is our prime responsibility and duty to do away with it with the support of all staff members.

Sl No Subject Publish Date Download
1 UGC Anti-ragging notification 21/12/2014
2 Anti Ragging committee in CAET 26/07/2017