Dr. Aswini K. Goel
E: fidu_caet@yahoo.com

Farm Implement Design Unit was established by Govt. of Odisha and is operating in the college since 1982 . Besides, development of new machines, this centre has procured many improved implements and machines from other states and made their feasibility study in our local condition and on the basis of their performances, some of them were recommended for adoption in the state. Notable of them are tractor mounted rotavator, tractor drawn seed-cum-fertiliser drill, self propelled rice transplanter, self propelled reaper and combine harvester. This Unit has a close liaison with the line department of Govt. of Odisha (DA&FP) and assisting the Govt. officials for implementing various farm mechanization programmes in the state. So far this unit has developed many small and power driven implements and machines. Notable of them are :

  • Bullock drawn MB plough & puddler
  • Manually drawn crust breaker
  • Dry land weeder
  • USG applicator (Point placement and 2-rows),
  • Tractor operated SCFD (for mini tractor, 5-rows)
  • Power operated paddy thresher
  • Power and manually operated groundnut thresher
  • Sunflower threshing bench & Pedal operated sunflower thresher
  • Rotary groundnut decorticator
  • Manual-cum-power operated chaff cutter
  • Power operated maize sheller
  • Power operated drum seeder
  • Mini pulse reaper
  • Walk behind type self propelled pulse reaper