• The mess arrangement of the hostel is compulsory for all the inmates without any exception i.e, no student is allowed to stay in the hostel without being a member of mess.
  • When the hostels have excess demand for accommodation and is unable to provide accommodation to all the applicants, the students who find accommodation nearby may be permitted to have the mess facility by collecting full charges for that academic year with an undertaking from such students that they shall join the hostels as and when the hostels provide them accommodation. However, this number shall not exceed 25 at any time.
  • Such students has to submit a separate request form in the format provided by paying the prescribed fee and submit the same to the office.
  • Students should sign the mess joining register kept in the mess at the time of joining the mess.
  • Service in the mess shall be between scheduled hours only & closed after lunch on every Saturday for maintenance. The Mess timings are as follows and the students should strictly adhere to these timings.
    Mess Timings
    Breakfast 7.00 am to 9.00 am
    Lunch 12.45 pm to 2.45 pm
    Snacks 4.45 pm to 5.45 pm
    Dinner 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm
  • The Self system of disposable will be followed in all messes. No food will be reserved for the late comers.
  • The Non vegetarian food will be served ( chicken only ) as an extra item on specified days of the week.
  • The Management of the Mess may be entrusted to student prefects (six members committee -three from north & three from south of which two shall be girls) who change every month, but the financial control will rest with the Management. In case of no student or students come forward to be prefects, the Warden with the assistance of Mess Supervisor will run the mess.
  • Call for prefects will be made on 25th of every month. Submission of the menu and approval shall be made on or before the last day of every month. The approved menu will be displayed on the notice board . The prefect ship will be valid from 5th to 4th of next month. In case of no prefects the hostel management will run the mess.
  • A boarder can change the Mess only once in a semester from vegetarian to non-vegetarian or vice-versa.
  • Boarders who stay out, without any valid reasons, during the term are liable to pay the full charges of the Mess. Only during the vacation they are exempted from paying charges. However, the establishment and mess charges of the staff (Rs.100/- per month) will have to be shared by them also.
  • In case of students who do not use mess facility for 3 continuous days or more or going home during college vacation, with prior intimation, concession may be given by the Warden. However leave and absence must be intimated to the mess supervisor by surrendering the mess ID card and Printed original Mess Leave slip shall be sought from the Mess Supervisor. After completion of the vacation, to avail the food facility in the mess, report to the mess supervisor with the Printed original Mess Leave slip and shall take back the ID card. During vacation period, the boarder shall show their ID card to the mess security and shall enter the mess to avail further food facility.
  • The Mess rates will be calculated on the basis of dividing system & the same will be announced on the notice board every month. The hostelites Mess attendance , corresponding expenditure for every month with balance at their credit will also be displayed by the authorities. Hostelites can lodge written request to the warden for rectification in case of discrepancy if any within the specified date. After the elapse of specified date the request will not be entertained.
  • Neither the prefects nor any other students have a right to stop food or any other mess facility to any of the bonafide students of the mess. If any such act is found, such prefect/hostelite shall be expelled from the hostel and mess by the Warden with immediate effect.
  • No student/prefect has any right to appoint or dispense with service of any staff member of the mess.
  • Food will not be supplied to hostel rooms except to sick students, with the permission of the Warden and only sick diet (i.e. milk and bread) will be supplied. Used utensils shall be return to the mess immediately by the hostelite.
  • Except Mess prefects, other hostelites are forbidden to enter the kitchen. They should treat all the the Mess workers with courtesy. Manhandling of any staff or using abusive language against them will end in the expulsion of the student from the hostel immediately after due enquiry.
  • The boarders should produce identity cards whenever the mess supervisor/security feels to identify them before taking food.
  • The menu of the mess should be prepared by the prefects in consultation of the Warden. The menu so specified by the mess prefects will be duly approved by the Secretary, to have an effective control over the cost.
  • The Mess prefects will act as a representatives for the whole hostel and report to the warden about the quality of food & on the general cleanliness in and around the mess. The Mess prefects shall also bring to the notice about the quality of service given by the mess staff.
  • Entertaining Guests into the mess can be done only the hostelites. The host should accompany the guest and obtain the guest coupon at the dining hall with the mess supervisor. The guest rates shall be according to the rates fixed by the hostel management from time to time.
  • No boarder other than prefects should interfere in the Mess affair. If he /she has any grievance or suggestion, he/she should report to the Warden
  • The sole aim of the Management is to provide all the facilities to the inmates, both in the hostel and the mess and creation of an environment conducive for study and peaceful stay. The Management reserves the right to add, alter or delete, any rules from time to time.
  • Hostelites who are found violating the rules and regulations of the Hostel and Mess are liable to be expelled from the Hostel.
  • During vacation if the strength of the boarder falls below 100 the management reserves the right to stop the mess services temporarily.
  • The Mess will remain closed for half a day ( after lunch ) on the following festivals.
    1.Makara Shankranthi 2 .Maha Shivarathri 3. Chandramana Ugadi 4 .Independence Day 5. Ganesh Chathurthi 6. Vijaya Dashami 7. Balipadyami 8 .Rajyotsava Day
  • Students who absent themselves on the date of reopening of the college after any semester vacation will be deemed to have joined the mess wherein they dined during the previous semester and will be charged accordingly.
Mess Boarding Charges 1,500.00
Administrative Charges 675.00
Hostel Magazine Fees 50.00
Total 2,225.00
*The Mess charges is common for all the hostelites irrespective of any hostel. The mess charges generally would be for the period of one academic year and every student have to pay the total amount (2,225.00) for the academic year ( including who are in receipt of any kind of scholar ship).