Electrical Engineering:
Electrical Circuit Lab:

House Wiring, Staircase Wiring, Super Position Theorem, Thevenin's/ Norton's Theorem, Fluorescent Tube, Determine Power Factor of R-L-C Series Circuit, Frequency Response of Series Resonance Circuit, Constant-K High Pass Filter/ Low Pass Filter etc.

Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Lab:

Resistor Color Code, P-N Junction Diode Characteristics, Half-Wave / Full-Wave Rectifier, Transistor Characteristics, Op-Amp Applications as Adder/ Subtractor / Comparator etc.

Electrical Machines and Power Utilization lab:

Starting & Speed Control of DC Motor, Different parts DC Generator, Starting &Speed Control of Induction Motor, Short circuit and open circuit test of Transformer etc.

Mechanical Engineering:
Central Work shop:
  • Welding shop: Equipped with Arc and Gas welding, brazing facility etc.
  • Machine shop: Equipped with Lathe Machine, Milling Machine, Shaper, Power hacksaw, Hydraulic press etc.
  • Carpentry shop: Equipped with Universal wood working saw, Drilling machine, grinder, Metal cutting saw, Chop saw for cutting metal etc.
  • Smithy & Fitting Shop: Equipped with smithy forge, bench vice, drilling machine, sheet metal cutter etc.
  • Refrigeration and Air conditioning Laboratory: Equipped with Models regarding Vapor absorption and compression system, Ice plant, relative humidity measuring apparatus etc.