A 3-row paddy transplanter has been developed by the Centre. The physiological parameter, anthropometric data and strength parameters of female agricultural workers had been taken in to consideration for designing this transplanter. On farm and off campus testing have been conducted at three different locations. The weight of the transplanter is 18 kg and line to line distance was 24 cm as a result weeding by Mandwa and Cono weeder can be done easily. The average working heart rate of female worker was observed to vary in the range of 124-128 beats/min. The field capacity was observed to be 0.25 Acre.

Study of health complains of the female workers in fish processing industries of Odisha

The study finds that workers were benefited with use of gloves and eye goggles. Most of the workers reported a filling up comfort and protection from direct contact with ice cold chlorinated water. The use of eye goggles reported reduction in itching of eyes and allergies. Implementation of skin care programme by introducing hand gloves and eye goggles as part of an occupational health and safety management system is recommended as a safety measure for employees in fish processing occupation. Gloves and eye goggles not only reduced the skin related allergies but also increase their efficiency. Similarly the processing platform made up hallow square bar with aluminum sheet top reduced drudgery / fatigue involved was reduced a lot.

  • Women friendly pedal thresher with safety cover.
  • 3-row paddy transplanter
  • Sugarcane stripper
  • Coconut dehusker
Salient Features
  1. Cool chamber integrated with vapour compression refrigeration cycle and automated evaporative cooling system
  2. Powered completely by solar photovoltaic system
  3. Power rating of 125 watts including motor used in evaporative cooler
  4. Cool chamber of 100 kg. capacity
  5. Weight of 130 kg. including solar photovoltaic components and 90 kg vegetables
  6. Temperatures and humidity are maintained in the range of 12-17 °C and 80-90 % respectively
  7. Mounted on a tri-cycle and made movable by one person
Dr. Aswini K. Goel
E: fidu_caet@yahoo.com

Farm Implement Design Unit was established by Govt. of Odisha and is operating in the college since 1982 . Besides, development of new machines, this centre has procured many improved implements and machines from other states and made their feasibility study in our local condition and on the basis of their performances, some of them were recommended for adoption in the state. Notable of them are tractor mounted rotavator, tractor drawn seed-cum-fertiliser drill, self propelled rice transplanter, self propelled reaper and combine harvester. This Unit has a close liaison with the line department of Govt. of Odisha (DA&FP) and assisting the Govt. officials for implementing various farm mechanization programmes in the state. So far this unit has developed many small and power driven implements and machines. Notable of them are :

  • Bullock drawn MB plough & puddler
  • Manually drawn crust breaker
  • Dry land weeder
  • USG applicator (Point placement and 2-rows),
  • Tractor operated SCFD (for mini tractor, 5-rows)
  • Power operated paddy thresher
  • Power and manually operated groundnut thresher
  • Sunflower threshing bench & Pedal operated sunflower thresher
  • Rotary groundnut decorticator
  • Manual-cum-power operated chaff cutter
  • Power operated maize sheller
  • Power operated drum seeder
  • Mini pulse reaper
  • Walk behind type self propelled pulse reaper

Dr. Aswini K. Goel
Principal Investigator
E: fmtc_caet@yahoo.com

Farm Machinery Testing Centre has been established in the Department of Farm Machinery & Power, College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology, OUAT, vide F.No. 8-1/2004-My (I&P), Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, (M&T Division), Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi-110001, dated 14th September, 2010.

Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India has designated 22 SAUs, 3 GOI institutes (IIT, Kharagpur, IARI, New Delhi and CIAE, Bhopal) and 4 State department of Agriculture for testing and certifying agricultural implements and machines for ensuring quality supply of agricultural machinery & equipment under Government programmes and our Farm Machinery Testing Centre in CAET is one of the designated testing centre of Govt. of India.

Sl No Items Testing charges
[ in ]
1 Components 12,214.00
2 Hand tools 12,214.00
3 Power operated thresher, decorticator,sheller, winnower etc 48,824.00
4 Animal drawn equipments 26,044.00
5 Tractor drawn/operated implements/equipments/power weeder 83,006.00
6 Manually operated equipment 23,599.00
7 Power tiller driven/self propelled reaper etc 48,824.00
8 Tractor drawn/operated seed cum fertiliser drill/planter, straw reaper, mini rice mill, power seed cleaner/grader 87,070.00
9 Animal drawn multi toolbar 69,163.00
10 Self propelled paddy transplanter 1,18,804.00
11 Power operated multi crop thresher 89,515.00

Testing charges should be deposited in shape of Bank Draft drawn in any Nationalised Bank in favour of “Comptroller, OUAT, Bhubaneswar” and payable at SBI, Bhubaneswar

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