Application of ergonomical principles and anthropometric data for increasing productivity, reducing drudgery, minimizing accidents and occupational health problems of workers in agriculture and allied sectors.

  • Develop safety devices, practices, and strategies to minimize farm accidents based on survey and analysis.
  • Studies on human-machine-environment interactions to generate data for developing Ergonomical Design Guidelines.
  • Integrating anthropometric and strength data and other ergonomical principles in design of agricultural tools and equipments.
  • Assessment of occupational health hazards and developing ergonomical interventions for their minimization.
  • Survey of Agricultural Accidents in Odisha.
  • Studies of health hazards of workers in coir industries.
  • Introduction of improved agricultural implements and equipment for tribal farmers of Odisha.
  • Development of a data base on impact of mechanization in rice cultivation
  • Extension activities

Projects recently completed