There is ample opportunity for the scholars to avail the numerous facilities being provided by the department. This includes a computer lab parallel to the college' having all the multimedia and interfacing devices, farm machinery lab, farm power lab, two workshops, a fully computerized bio-diesel lab, traction lab, farms for testing on mechanization, advanced audio-visual teaching aids etc.

Dr. Aswini K. Goel

Farm Implement Design Unit was established by Govt. of Odisha and is operating in the college since 1982 . Besides, development of new machines, this centre has procured many improved implements and machines from other states and made their feasibility study in our local condition and on the basis of their performances, some of them were recommended for adoption in the state. Notable of them are tractor mounted rotavator, tractor drawn seed-cum-fertiliser drill, self propelled rice transplanter, self propelled reaper and combine harvester. This Unit has a close liaison with the line department of Govt. of Odisha (DA&FP) and assisting the Govt. officials for implementing various farm mechanization programmes in the state. So far this unit has developed many small and power driven implements and machines. Notable of them are :

  • Bullock drawn MB plough & puddler
  • Manually drawn crust breaker
  • Dry land weeder
  • USG applicator (Point placement and 2-rows),
  • Tractor operated SCFD (for mini tractor, 5-rows)
  • Power operated paddy thresher
  • Power and manually operated groundnut thresher
  • Sunflower threshing bench & Pedal operated sunflower thresher
  • Rotary groundnut decorticator
  • Manual-cum-power operated chaff cutter
  • Power operated maize sheller
  • Power operated drum seeder
  • Mini pulse reaper
  • Walk behind type self propelled pulse reaper

Dr. Aswini K. Goel
Principal Investigator

Farm Machinery Testing Centre has been established in the Department of Farm Machinery & Power, College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology, OUAT, vide F.No. 8-1/2004-My (I&P), Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, (M&T Division), Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi-110001, dated 14th September, 2010.

Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India has designated 22 SAUs, 3 GOI institutes (IIT, Kharagpur, IARI, New Delhi and CIAE, Bhopal) and 4 State department of Agriculture for testing and certifying agricultural implements and machines for ensuring quality supply of agricultural machinery & equipment under Government programmes and our Farm Machinery Testing Centre in CAET is one of the designated testing centre of Govt. of India.

Sl No Items Testing charges
[ in ]
1 Components 12,214.00
2 Hand tools 12,214.00
3 Power operated thresher, decorticator,sheller, winnower etc 48,824.00
4 Animal drawn equipments 26,044.00
5 Tractor drawn/operated implements/equipments/power weeder 83,006.00
6 Manually operated equipment 23,599.00
7 Power tiller driven/self propelled reaper etc 48,824.00
8 Tractor drawn/operated seed cum fertiliser drill/planter, straw reaper, mini rice mill, power seed cleaner/grader 87,070.00
9 Animal drawn multi toolbar 69,163.00
10 Self propelled paddy transplanter 1,18,804.00
11 Power operated multi crop thresher 89,515.00

Testing charges should be deposited in shape of Bank Draft drawn in any Nationalised Bank in favour of “Comptroller, OUAT, Bhubaneswar” and payable at SBI, Bhubaneswar

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  • Different matching attachments for multipurpose tool frame such as seeding device, bund former, bed former, MB plough, water tanker and trailer
  • wheel hand hoe
  • Paddle operated maize dehusker sheller
  • Ergo-friendly fruit harvesting package
  • Hydraulic tractor trailer with safety devices
  • Mechanisation of sowing and threshing of seed spices crops by development and successful evaluation of planter and thresher.
  • Air sleeve boom sprayer.
  • Multi crop seed drill cum planter.

Apart from conventional classroom teaching, advanced audio-visual aids are used to build innovative outlook and research inclination among the scholars and ease the conceptualization of technological aspects. The advance audio-visual tools comprises classroom studies on LCD projector and through internet which not only produces a conducive environment for learning but also aids in better understanding of the basic concepts of the subject.

  • Farm Power Lab
  • Farm Machinery Lab
  • Plant Protection Lab
  • CAD and Data Processing Lab
  • Bio-diesel Lab
  • Ergonomics Lab
  • Traction Lab
  • Experiential Learning Workshop
  • Prototype Manufacturing Workshop