The department has two laboratories namely soil mechanics and structure laboratory.

The Laboratory facility of the department includes equipments for quality testing of engineering materials for structures, Soil testing for foundation, Environmental parameters for atmosphere and topographic survey and land measurements with surveying equipments. The equipments are Universal Testing Machine (UTM), Compression testing machine (CTM), Tri-axial shear, direct shear, consolidation, permeability, grain size distribution of fine and coarse aggregate, static cone penetration, Standard compaction, proctor compaction, high precision theodolite, compass, plane table, dumpy level etc

Apart from conventional classroom teaching, advanced audio-visual aids are used to build innovative outlook and research inclination among the scholars and ease the conceptualization of technological aspects. The advance audio-visual tools comprises classroom studies on LCD projector and through internet which not only produces a conducive environment for learning but also aids in better understanding of the basic concepts of the subject.

  • Engineering Mechanics laboratory
  • Material Testing Laboratory