The Department of Agriculture Structure Civil and Environmental Engineering (ASCEE) actively promotes curriculum development activities by updating existing courses, developing new proposed courses and preparing resource materials for teaching to Agriculture, Forestry and Agricultural Engineering students of the University. In addition to curriculum development, the Department has sponsored research projects funded externally by Govt. of India to update with the latest developments. It undertakes industrial consultancy works as a part of its interaction with industry and also delivers seminars/symposia for professional interaction and professional development of the faculty members. The Department contributes to the interdisciplinary academic and research activity of the College. The department has well-equipped laboratories for teaching, research and development. The faculty members have received advanced degrees and training from reputed institutions and industries in India and abroad.

The Department has well equipped laboratories in the field of Farm structures, Soil Mechanics, Material testing and Environmental Engineering with facilities of Direct and Tri-axial shear test, Consolidation test, Standard Proctor test, Abbot's compaction test, Static cone penetration test, Constant and Falling head permeability test. Besides, the laboratories are equipped with Cassagrande apparatus, Hydrometer and Sieves, Universal testing machines, Tensile strength testing machines, Compressive strength testing machines etc.