The department has evolved as a centre of excellence in the area of Post Harvest Technology education, research and training. With increasing crop diversity and production, Post Harvest Technology has greater role to solve variety of problems. These include the problems right from the stage of harvesting to post harvest handling, refinement, conditioning, storage, processing, packaging and transportation. Post Harvest Technological problems are complex in nature. These involve handling of biologically active materials, through a variety of physical, chemical, economic and social systems.

The department is well equipped with Food Engineering, Food Analysis and Food Technology Laboratory. The department boasts for its well-qualified and talented faculty members with specialization in Food Engineering, Post Harvest Technology, Process Engineering, Food Technology and Biochemistry. The students are trained on the operation and design of different food processing equipments, process technologies for preparation of different value added products, Biochemical and Microbiological analysis of food products and management of food processing industries. The course programme has been tailored made for present job opportunities in the market.